Criteria & Forms

Stormwater wetlands can help improve storm water runoff. 

A certified Wildlife Friendly Development must meet sufficient criteria that address various aspects of development from design and construction through completion. The criteria were designed to ensure that proper measures are taken to conserve wildlife and natural habitats during development. Not all criteria are applicable for every development, and certification can be awarded for developments of a variety of sizes and over a diversity of development site conditions, provided the applicable criteria are met.

The Criteria Form for Wildlife Friendly Development Certification includes several worksheets:

  • Pre-Design Checklist - Documents site conditions, including an inventory of  wildlife species and their habitats, as well as any existing infrastructure such as roads.
  • Required Criteria - Outlines criteria that must be met to qualify for certification.
  • Two Scoring Criteria sections:
     - Section I – Development Conservation Design - Addresses the developer’s plans for the tract and design measures that will benefit wildlife and their habitats.
    - Section II – Development Construction and Post-Construction - Addresses construction practices within the development and homeowners’ activities.

The Criteria Form, a Microsoft Excel file, allows the applicant to input information and see the progress toward certification, as well as make adjustments to the design, construction or homeowners’ activities to ensure sufficient points are earned to reach certification. If an applicant cannot earn 50 percent of the applicable points from Section I and Section II, the development cannot be certified. Additionally, the applicant must earn 55 percent of the total points from both Scoring Criteria sections. Extra credit points are available in both Scoring Criteria sections to help the applicant reach the 55 percent threshold.

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