Program Overview

Effective fences can protect natural areas from sedimentation and erosion problems.
Wildlife Friendly Development Certification (WFDC) is a certification program that allows developments to be recognized as wildlife friendly after meeting sufficient criteria.

Developers must meet a portion of these criteria throughout all phases of the development’s planning and construction, and must maintain the criteria once the development is complete.

How the Program Works

Applicants interested in certifying their developments as “wildlife friendly” work closely with staffs from the N.C. Wildlife Federation and the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission throughout the certification process. During the certification process, applicants:

  • Familiarize themselves with criteria requirements
  • Collect information needed to complete Pre-Design Checklist
  • Submit completed Pre-Design Checklist and Consultation Fee
  • Schedule Initial Consultation (meeting with Review Team)
  • Modify design (if needed) and submit Scoring Criteria I. Review Team verifies information in Scoring Criteria I
  • Submit Application Fee with approval to advertise as Certification-pending
  • Submit Scoring Criteria II.  Review Team verifies information in Scoring Criteria II
  • Advertise as Certified Wildlife Friendly Development

Homeowners then must continue certification over time by maintaining conditions at the time of certification.

Although this program is designed to be incorporated in the planning process from the outset, it is possible for some existing developments to be certified. Information is available for developers interested in certifying existing developments.

The WFDC handbook describes the certification process in detail and includes descriptions of criteria and definitions of terms.